Protecting our Archaeological
Heritage for the Nation.

Treasure Trove Unit Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020

Treasure Trove in Scotland creates a pathway to ensure our archaeological heritage is protected for the benefit of the nation in museum collections across the country. Discoveries of artefacts by the public and archaeologists play an important role in connecting us to the past, helping us to better understand the story of Scotland’s people and culture. The Treasure Trove Unit forms a hub within a far-reaching network connecting partners across the heritage sector and public sphere and with the purpose of providing a continuous link from initial discovery to museum allocation. This strategy develops the reach, accessibility, visibility and impact of the Treasure Trove Unit and processes to enhance research and promote knowledge of Scotland’s rich and diverse material culture.

Vision Statement, January 2017

Download the Strategic Plan here: ttu_strategicplan_2017_2020


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